Wednesday, June 16


More than one way to get the news. Always be looking out for information.

“I kneel and awe. Stand as I am. With you, we ebb and lie, like all morning dew.” - Bryan Trithemius

Monday, June 14

Monday, June 7

Laying Low

I've stumbled on something big, really big. Will lay low for a while...

Friday, June 4


I kept getting weird looks at the office today and I am not sure why. I couldn't wait to get out of there today, it was extremely uncomfortable. Now that I think of it I don't recall even having one conversation today. For the past week or so I've felt paranoid, and I keep trying to convince myself it's just my imagination. Not so sure now.

Thursday, June 3


Woke up this morning and my car and computer were stolen. I can't believe it, almost all the work I did last night was lost. This is not good, at least I backed up some of it to my thumb drive before I went to sleep. Time to get ready for a long walk.

Wednesday, June 2


I finally got home after 72 hours of non-stop work. Apparently everything was not as locked down as it should have been. Something weird is going on with the SMS system yet I am not allowed to look at the code to help with that aspect of the network. Sometimes I feel like there is another company within the company. The lack of sleep is obviously getting to me. Brought some work home with me, going to take a power nap and get back into it. I'm starting to feel like I'm in The Matrix. Whoa.

Friday, May 28

Work, Work , Work

Work has been killer lately. I still haven't been able to get to go to on a desert safari. The 14 hour days are exhausting, and unnecessary. I could have my project done if I was given all the information I need. Office politics and corporate secrets win again, I need to learn to accept that as a fact of working for a company like MoComm. Not everything's bad though, the facilities are really nice and accommodating, and the people are extra friendly. Still getting used to people ending every sentence with “my friend.” On that note, I'll end this post my friends.

“Still I like warm weather. Oboes playing hip music in new age style of the soul. The old people bow. An owl will tend angels.”
- Bryan Trithemius